Lets connect,speak about you and your day and have a great time together.

We live and breath our beautiful “job” and this is what we want to share with couples

who feel the same way.

With most of the couples you see on our website, we are still in contact or even made friends with.

And we look for these couples and their special weddings and we hope you will find us too.

A preliminary Zoomcall is therefore an absolute must for us. So you and we know that we fit

together well and you feel at ease with us on your day.

You also love chairs without sashes or covers, fairylights,to run barefoot across a meadow,

plan your wedding as you want it, or just casual parties?

In addition, you are totally in love and are looking for a team that simply captures this love and emotion without all fanfare posing and acting?

Hey! then this is great! We are looking forward to your request. Please use the contact form

{that you slip into the correct email folder}

We will try to respond as soon as possible.

Over the weekend, we are always on the road, so it is possible that we can not answer

your emails from Friday to Sunday until Tuesday.



cant wait to read your message



How long it takes, to get an answer

Can we meet you before our wedding?

We try every time to answer you within 48h. Of course specially in the wedding - travel season could takes it a bit longer. If you didn't hear anything after 72h please please please write us again!

Of course, before we book a wedding we would like every time to know you guys. So we would like to meet you or, what we do mostly cause of the distance, we arrange a skypedate. If you still like us after this call ; ) and we like you we would love to meet you personal one day before your wedding. Just to be not anymore strangers at your important day.

How many hours we can book you?

Are the prices with VAT

We love to tell the complete story so the most of our couples book us for 10h. This means every time from the getting ready - the Party. We don't wanna miss any parts of this.

Yes the prices are all with German 19% of VAT