Weddingphotographer on Ibiza

These two and this lovely ibiza wedding. We cant really describe it. It was not like usual our weddings, it was a bit chaotic and not really like the weddings we normally know, but it was with so much realness, so much love so much Davide & Georgia! At this wedding we felt from the first second like one of there friends. We cooked together, done plans for the wedding day, laughs and cry together. Already when we had our skypedate we loved them so much and cant wait to capture their wedding day on the beautiful island ibiza. Their plan was it, to show all their favorite people the island they love so much. On the first day they had a wine afternoon at the amazing place …( i forgot the name but i will find it : D )  It was made for them. With a lot of nature, chicken, wine, lemon, organic food… simply perfect. After that they drove with the vintage cars to some fields to catch flowers for the church on the next day. It was the first time a couple done something like this and we loved it.

They 2nd day was the wedding day. Their were quit nervous but after the ceremony their celebrate their love all day! We had Lunch in their favorite Place for Paella close to the beach after we drove to the villa with a lot of emotions… Just see the pictures. We just fall in Love that with the feeling, that everyone what include this wedding. It was simply amazing. Completely different but we love it.