its all about

emotions its all about feelings...

its all about words from your heart...

Anne and Riccardo gave us words, captured on paper, safely tucked away in envelopes and handed over during the wedding ceremony. To each guest / couple combo. Letters full of love and gratitude, a look back at what we have experienced together, a look into the future to all that is to come. Appreciation between the lines. And in all those years, that was probably the most beautiful and personal gift.

We've passed the tip along to our couples and the surprise moment is a tearful and beautiful one each time. It influences the atmosphere when each guest feels seen, welcome and important. You can hand out the letters during the ceremony, stick them under the chairs at dinner or hide them under the plates. Best case with music playing in the background! And when the special moment comes and everyone opens the envelopes at the same time, watch and enjoy!