You are getting married in Mallorca and are still looking for a team that captures your wedding in Mallorca as it really was?

We work for many years as a wedding photographer & wedding videographer and are every year on Mallorca / Baleraren to capture great weddings.

It is really easy to travel to this island and its so amazing easy to rent a beautiful Finca and celebrate there with all your friends and family.

Also you have many amazing places for after wedding shootings and nice beach bars for welcome dinners.

Lets take a look to this amazing wedding and if you are interest that we capture your amazing day just write us an Email!

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If we would choose a island to live, we would say Mallorca. We are really in love with that island and love so much to capture weddings there. But why it´s so nice to get married on Mallorca?

vicky & babak

summer 2018 - about love - about friendship - about good food & music

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Here is a beautiful wedding at

Villa Son togores.

There is hardly more variety on an island like on Mallorca. The beautiful old town of Palma, gorgeous beaches with turquoise water, mountains, beautiful nature and many beautiful traditional restaurants and bars. There is something for everyone on the Spanish island and yet everything is quick and easy to reach. Getting married in Mallorca is simply beautiful.

How to get married in a civil

ceremony in Mallorca?

Many wonder if you can get married in a civil ceremony in Mallorca. This is only possible if you are registered in Mallorca for more than three months. It is therefore recommended to get married at home in a civil ceremony and then to celebrate a free or a church wedding in Mallorca.

How much does a wedding in Mallorca?

Mallorca has a lot to offer. So you can celebrate a low budget do it yourself wedding in mallorca as well as a high exclusive wedding. Mallorca is in the good midfield in terms of prices in Europe. Comparable with weddings in Tuscany.

Compared to Germany, we would estimate Mallorca cheaper and you can spend a whole wedding weekend on Mallorca for the price of a German wedding.

Where are the most beautiful places to get married in mallorca?

Mallorca is beautiful everywhere. There are beautiful corners and wedding venues everywhere. We think the most beautiful are in the north in the mountains. But also in the middle of the island there are beautiful possibilities. We have not yet experienced real beach weddings on Mallorca. But wedding venues with gorgeous views are numerous.

most beautiful

on mallorca



Weddingvenue Son Togores. A beautiful villa in the north of Mallorca not far from Palma. In the midst of mountains in a beautiful nature you can celebrate beautifully and exuberantly.

Son Togores is a pure celebration venue.

Son Togores is one of our favorite venues on Mallorca for Weddings and we are always happy to be there as a Weddingphotographer.

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Osa Major a beautiful place to celebrate the wedding but also to unwind. In the middle of Mallorca you can celebrate and live long and exuberantly in this magical place. Perfect for smaller weddings up to 60 people. After the wedding you and your guests can just fall into bed and admire the beautiful sunrise.

The beautiful villa has 11 rooms.

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Hotel & Weddingvenue Ca x orc.

The mountainous ascent already promises a dreamlike view. Once arrived, you are not disappointed and the hotel immediately enchants. There is room for 100 wedding guests and once arrived you don't want to leave the magical place.

Ca's Xorc Luxury Retreat & Restaurant is also happy to take care of the planning of your wedding


Weddingvenue Finca Comassema.

In the middle of the mountains lies this beautiful Weddingvenue. A great finca for the most beautiful wedding ceremonies with amazing views. In the beautiful garden you can celebrate long and exuberantly.

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Son Marroig Weddingvenue.

If you love beautiful views, the sea and the mountains, this wedding location is absolutely right.

A Mallorca wedding venue for small but also large weddings up to 150 guests.

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