Kinsey & Josh & Banjo Photographer in Joshua Tree

Photographer in Joshua Tree. Kinsey – an amazing photographer, Josh – a talented musician, and Banjo – one of the coolest dogs we’ve ever met: this combination definitely has Hollywood movie potential! For our road trip through the USA, we were looking for a couple interested in doing a love shoot in breathtaking Joshua Tree. So here we are as Photographer in Joshua Tree. At the very last minute we came across Kinsey’s Facebook page, and we knew they’d be the perfect fit! The couple was exactly what we were looking for and there was this magical sparkle between them. We were super lucky that they are the most spontaneous people ever, willing to meet us in Joshua Tree the next day. Lucky us! We love to not only do wedding photography but also couple shootings in such beautiful sceneries.
Upon driving through Joshua Tree, we realized that our biggest problem was that we couldn’t decide where to stop – everywhere was so beautiful! So how would we chose? It took us quite a while to find the perfect spot, because there were so many different places with each its own special features and own attributes.
While Kinsey and Josh enjoyed the dazzling sunset, Banjo had the time of his life exploring the national park. We would have loved to take Banjo home with us. The High school sweethearts are not only a super cute couple, but they’re also so much fun to be around! It was really a pleasure to work with so inspiring people. As the day drew to a close, the perfect ending to our shoot was delivered, with Josh singing for his beautiful wife. Hello goosebumps! You guys rock! We cant wait to shoot with you again!

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