If you could chose any place on this planet, no matter how far away from home, which place would you choose to marry? Angela and Johannes from Texas chose Switzerland. They said YES surrounded by mountains and flower fields. We were close to just buying a little mountain cottage for ourself and staying there. It was such a beautiful wedding. It started with being spoiled the American way with blueberry pancakes from Angelas Aunt. Continued with a funicular ride up to Grindelwald. There the bride was getting ready in a dollhouse-like cottage.

The ceremony took place with a stunning view from the mountain wall- greater than any photo wallpaper you could imagine. Even the paraglider send their greetings from the sky. With refreshing lemonade and the couples favorite drinks we touched glasses. We totally lost track of time when we went for a little photo-walk with the couple before attending dinner. To still get there in time, they had to rush back real fast. Like on one of their first dates, where the professional athlete couple did a race, only that this time they were running hand in hand..